Hello and welcome! I am so glad you’re here. 

My name is Christina, and I am beautifully broken. Bent and learning to walk straight, I am discovering how to reside peacefully in paradox while resting concurrently in ease and dis-ease.

As far back as I can remember I’ve believed in More than me, but lived like there was only me. It is widely different to know, to do, and to be, and I’ve frequently failed to live what I believe.

For the past ten years (eight of which I’ve been sick) I have been following Jesus as best I can. He captured my heart and hasn’t let go. Lost in darkness He found me, and in His mercy and love drew me, kept me, and keeps me still.

My bass playing, coffee guzzling, Jesus loving husband regularly ministers to and prays for friends living on the streets, and we, along with our boys, have witnessed great miracles in their lives as well as our own. I know the love and power of God, and I know the pain and sickness with which I live. I am intimately familiar with desperation and doubt. My story is unique . . . and it’s not. Who hasn’t struggled to make sense of suffering?

Yet, even when feeling abandoned I choose adoration. When perplexed by the apparent capriciousness of answered and unanswered prayer, I choose to see more than my senses perceive. I remind myself feelings are not facts.

Here, at this intersection of our stories, I welcome you to join me on my journey of discovering hope and peace while walking through sickness and suffering. My desire is to simply share openly and honestly what I’m learning, experiencing and observing as I go. Suffering is a part of life, but it’s not the end of life, and it’s not a path we have to walk alone. I am excitedly finding it’s often a means to a more glorious end, and that as we break our beauty more readily pours forth. Another was broken who bled beauty, and as His example shows, it’s only when I am focused on More than me that I can clearly see.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. My precious dove…..Ever so blessed to part of this journey with you!!! Your testimony so raw & pure is for this fallen dark world a hope, a light, & true image of what it means to be a most beautiful woman of grace bearing all at the foot of the cross.

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